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Interview with Julieraptor – Host of Pixel Horror Jam!

In our very first issue of Indie Arcade, we covered Pixel Horror Jam. Today we have a quick interview with one of the hosts of said jam!


  1. Firstly, would you mind telling us about your experiences as a programmer and what do you find the most interesting in coding?

I don’t actually program much! I’m primarily a 2D artist, more specifically a character artist.

I do a little bit of programming, and thinking of coding as a puzzle makes it more interesting. Puzzles are some of my favorite things to do, and pixel horror games are full of them, so I guess that’s why I like both.

  1.  What made you want to create a game jam?

I was really interested in pixel horror games, and I wanted to see more. I thought it would be a simple way to ask people to make more pixel horror games, lol.

  1. Why choose pixels and horror theme? Do you play many games of this kind?

I’m a big fan of Pixel Horror games. Not just RPG Horror games like Ib and The Witch’s House, but ones like Soundless Mountain, Claire, and Homesick. It’s a simplistic art style but it can have as much of an impact as a 3D game.

  1. What do you like best about pixel horror games?

The primary reason is that it’s an accessible first step to game development. Being able to integrate yourself and interact with the community, who has been very helpful to me from the very start, helped with getting the courage to start making games. I think pixel horror games tend to be people’s first games in RPG Maker, and it can be a form of self-expression. Though I haven’t really released a pixel-horror game, I’d like to finish some of the ones I’m working on.

  1. Do you have any favorites from the submissions from pixel horror jams?

Lavender, Animal Village, and From Next Door in 2016 were really interesting! For 2017, Embuscade stood out to me because it was stylistically very appealing.

  1. What is the most difficult task while hosting a game jam?

I think the most difficult task is waiting. I’m always very excited to see what people will bring to the table, but being patient brings very nice results. I’m always amazed to see what people have submitted to the jams.

  1. Are you planning on hosting those jams every year? Do you have any ideas for any other game jams you would like to host in the future?

As much as I would love to host jams every year, my career as a game developer has been expanding and I’m afraid that one day I won’t be able to be the primary host. I would, however, love to join as a co-host or a game judge.

For future game jams, I think I’d like to host a themed jam using any engine, or maybe have every game use the same asset (like incorporating music or a certain picture). Other game activities could be like Telephone, where one person makes a part of a game, then the next person in line builds off of this game, and so on.


Here are some fun links that you should totally check out!

Pixel Horror Jam

Pixel Horror Jam 2

Julieraptor’s twitter



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